A gallery of past projects & personal work.

If you would like to see my professional work, you can view it on my Portfolio or Dribbble.

Letterpress Map of Canada

In 2019 The Royal Canadian Mint purchase my Map of Canada design, and created the first Canada-Shaped coin. With a limited run of only 2,000 copies, the coin sold out almost immediately.

Fera Familiars

Fera Familiars were pins inspired by animals of myth and legend. Each one symbolized a different collection of virtues.

Carry the swift cunning of The Rabbit, the radiant energy of The Falcon, and the vigilant bravery of The Dog with you on your journey.

Rabbit Enamel Pin

Soapstone Carving Process

Primrose TTRPG

Illustrations for Primrose, a tabletop roleplaying game now available to play. This series was a treat to work on, as it resembled Redwall, my favourite book series growing up.

By Fire Zine

Short graphic novel illustrated by me, and written by Sass Vigeant. Out of print, though still available for digital download on Gumroad with a portion of proceeds going to wildfire relief charities.

Download digital copy


When I'm not handling my own prints, I use places like Society6 and InPRNT to create things like mugs, coaster and shirts.

Letterpress prints

Andrea's Lions

Andrea's Lions was a children's book I wrote, illustrated and published in 2015. Currently it is out-of-print, though I hope to bring it back in the future.

Travel journals