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Grave Guardian Enamel Pins

Grave Guardian Enamel Pins

There is no light without darkness, no life without death, and no graveyards without its loyal guardians. Choose your guide, and bring a spectral friend into the shadows to brighten your night.

Your purchase supports a family cemetery restoration.


Lantern Grim
Always looking ahead, your guide holds a lantern to light the way

Guiding Grim
A grim stands in profile, lantern swaying, ready to show you your path

Headstone Grim
A skeletal guide under a sky of stars



  • Glow in the dark
  • Silver metal + black and white enamel ink
  • Hand painted lanterns
  • Limited number of each design available
  • Approximately 50mm (2") tall and 24-35mm (2-1.25") wide

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